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Earlier this year, CMS released the date on every physician, Nurse Practitioner, Podiatrist, Physician Assistant and licensed provider in the country on what they billed to Medicare in 2012.  That data lists every CPT/HCPCs code, how many were billed, how much the provider charged, Medicare allowed and how much Medicare paid.  That is ALOT of data.

By the way - did you know that Excel has a limit of 1,250,000 rows of information?   Isn’t it sad that I know that?   Yes - these files are huge - but the data they contain is invaluable.

So, as a thank you to every office that subscribes to our monthly newsletter, over the past week, I’ve been performing a mini analysis on a doctor at every newsletter subscriber.   That analysis points out to them what they did not bill for, what areas they flagged audits in, where they under-charged, where they over-coded, etc…   We’ve been sending it to all of our subscribers and it will probably take a couple more weeks before I get all of them done to all subscribers.

Yep - I am not charging them one penny for it.   They pay $99 a year for our monthly 8 page newsletter delivered to their email every single month.  The cost on the newsletter is only 27 cents per day or $8.25 per month.  That means it’s $99 a year and even one issue can make you several times that when you find that the carriers want to pay you for something you’re doing.

It’s not too late.  If you subscribe before I’m finished performing these, I’ll be sending you an email with an analysis as well.  If you’re a billing service (many of our subscribers are billing services or billing agencies using this info to help all of their clients), I will be contacting you to find the name of ONE of your clients to do this free analysis for.  So far - every billing service we have sent it to has been astounded at how it helps them.  So - don’t delay if you’re thinking of subscribing.

Hey - if you’re in primary care and you’re not performing Medicare ANNUAL WELLNESS visits, you’re probably losing out on about $130,000 per year income - without you the doctor seeing the patient at all during the visit.   Why not call Crystal and ask her to schedule a time for Don to explain it to you - as it’s a free consult.

Don has been consulting since 1985 in helping thousands of physicians, hospitals, clinics and medical practitioners in the areas of reimbursement.  His approach is a bit different than any other in that he not only believes that really good money will follow good patient care, but he guarantees his consulting service.   To the best of our knowledge, no other consultant in the country says that if he cannot help you - you do not pay a penny in consulting fees.  It's really that simple.

He teaches seminars at medical and osteopathic conventions, webinars and he has written three books (so far) to help medical professionals.   He is now working on his 4th book called “The Unfiltered Guide to Making Insurance Carriers Pay Properly, or How to Kick an Insurance Company’s Butt.

If you qualify, Don will spend an hour on a call with physicians and office managers in a mini-practice analysis that almost always helps the practice increase their monthly clinic income by at least $4,000 and many times - well in excess of $15,000.  He accomplishes this by identifying what services they are providing and not billing properly for and educating them on it.    If at the end of the webinar, you believe it helped your practice by thousands per month - send us a check for $500 for our time.  If not - you don’t owe us.  You make that call.

He does these GoToMeetings 4 to 5 times every single week.    You are welcome to visit his REFERRALS page to see what the other physicians and managers say about these free consults.

If you're interested, give Crystal a call at 903 871-1172 and get on Don's schedule


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