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CMS released the data in May 2016 for 2014 Part B

This means you can, if you know how to manipulate a 2.4gb size file and another 800mb size file - with 9.3 million rows & 28 columns of information know exactly how many level 1,2,3,4 or 5 level visits in each category that others in your specialty billed to Medicare.  You can then compare them to what YOU billed to see if you're an outlier so as to know in advance before a RAC or ZPIC or OIG auditor knocks on your door.  This not only will help you to see if you're flagging audits, but also to see whether you're leaving tens of thousands a year on the table by under-coding compared to the national norms.  Instead of that - let's make it easy.  Don already did that with the files.

You can purchase and download ONE Excel file that covers 28 different specialties showing exactly what percentage of visits, per category, were billed with each level.    This file is only $59 at 

Then, if you want to see what YOU billed during the same time frame - you can schedule a one hour Zoom meeting with Don Self, along with your office manager, physician and billing person.  Don has that data on your practice on his computer already and he'll show you what you billed - how many times you billed each code and then explain if you're flagging audits, leaving money on the table, not billing the correct codes - missing charges, under-charging or over-coding, etc.    That one hour mini analysis will only cost you $500 at the end of the call IF your doctor believes the call helped you to increase your clinic income by at least $10,000 per year.   If not - you don't owe Don for the hour.  It's really that simple.


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