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Our purple/white billing sliderules are 3 1/4" tall by 6 1/2" wide (fits in shirt pocket) Each sliderule complies with the 1995 & the 1997 Guidelines.  Why do coders and billers confuse the doctors, when E&M coding is really simple? Billing sliderules can teach the doctor how to code properly with the 1995 and 1997 guidelines without using terms like detailed, problem focused, etc... The billing slide rules will help keep it simple, so they appreciate it & they'll really do a better job. Some coding tools are complicated, but these billing sliderules reduce the complication.   

Office & Out-patient New Patient Codes 99201 - 99205 
Office & Out-patient Established Patient Codes 99211 - 99215 
Out-patient Consultation Codes 99241 - 99245 
Emergency Room Visit Codes 99281 - 99285 
In-patient Initial (Admit) Codes 99221 - 99223 
In-patient & new 2011 Outpatient Daily Care Codes 99224-26 & 99231 - 99233 
In-patient Consultation Codes 99251 - 99255 
SNF Codes 99304 - 99310 

‚ÄčThese billing sliderules, which fit into a pocket, (that's good news for making them easy to carry- but bad news since doctors lose them easily) use the 1995 and 1997 E&M documentation guidelines. In EVERY seminar that we have used these to teach physicians documentation, we hear from the majority of physicians present, the following statement: "I've been undercoding without the billing sliderules." That means the billing sliderules are helping the physicians optimize their income. Just the increase on one office visit more than pays for the billing slide rules and postage and handling. 

GREAT NEWS - WE FOUND A NEW MANUFACTURER AND THE COSTS HAVE GONE DOWN. INSTEAD OF THE $18.50 PRICE - they are now $12.50 and even lower when you order by quantities of 50 or 100 or 250! each, with NO shipping charge for standard shipping. 

Order one, two or 250, please visit our secured Shop athttps://shop.donself.com and use your credit card or paypal account to pay for the billing slide rules, newsletters, webinars & more. If an invoice is needed, send us an email with the information requested. We will send an invoice). Once the invoice is received, just drop us a check in the mail, and upon receiving the check, we'll ship the billing slide rules. 

To order visit Don's shopping page at shop.donself.com or simple click on the image of the slide rule at the top of the page!

To see how to use the Sliderule check out the free mini webinar HERE!