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This is a listserv or forum for an exchange of information on issues affect medical offices. We discuss the billing issues, coding questions, PQRI, reimbursement, diagnostic testing, clinical lab questions and help each other on a daily basis, via the exchange of emails. This listserv has Physician Office Management personnel including managers, billers, coders, physicians, non physician practitioners, consultants and more.

You're welcome to join - but be aware that we do ask that you let us know what office you work in, what your duties are and give us some way of verifying that when you apply to join so that we know that you're not selling Ginsu knives, photos of naked hamsters, or other things not suitable for a casual - yet professional listserv.On the other hand, if you do not appreciate humor, good natured kidding, joking and an occasional diatribe from Don about the direction that healthcare is taken, you may not want to join this listserv as it is NOT stuffy, NOT pretentious and NOT AMA or AAPC approved. You're welcome to join if you have MD, DO, DPM, CPC, CMCS, CCS, or any other credentials after your name and you're welcome to join if you don't have any initials after your name. Perhaps you are like the listserv owner, Don, who finally just made up the letters CSS after his name (knowing that letters impress some people - although they usually don't impress Don too much). By the way, CSS stands for Common Sense Specialist and that is a credential that he bestowed upon himself.Anyway - go ahead and apply to join since it's free - and you can divorce us anytime you wish - but be sure to tell Don who you are so he can make sure that hamsters are safe while you're on the forum.

Membership requires approval. Messages from new members require approval. All members can post messages.

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