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More than 80,000 medical professionals read Don's writings and newsletters each month. 
The thing is - will his newsletters make your practice money or cost your clinic money? So - read a few of the newsletters linked below & think about the following while you're reading: If I received this newsletter way back then - how much would it have made me & would that be more than $8.25 per month? If the answer is yes - then after reading it - hit the email button & subscribe. It's smart business to spend $8.25 to make hundreds or thousands of dollars each month and the newsletters can help achieve that.

​ Medicare changes their rules quite often, so alot of his information is on Medicare issues, CMS directives, billing, compliance, fraud and abuse and other issues that affect your practice daily. HIPAA keeps changing. PQRI keeps growing. CMS changes edits. IT is vital to stay on top of these changes. Just as your physician is REQUIRED by law to get so many CMEs and training to stay compliant with the changes, it's important that the office manager and billers keep up with Medicare, HIPAA, PQRI, CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9, NCCI, CLIA and LCD changes on a regular basis. Medicare has seminars to subscribe to, for free - but do we really believe that they'll inform us of things that we SHOULD be billing for so that your practice can benefit from their payment changes? They'll be quick to inform when you're not allowed to bill something - but their laws and regulations do not point out the things that you're not billing for - but should be. 


​The newsletter comes via email each month at a subscription rate of $8.25 per month, billed annually. at $99 (plus tax if you're in Texas). I believe you'll agree that even one issue may increase your income more than the annual subscription price.  If your computer does not have Adobe Acrobat, please download the Adobe Reader for free. If you can read the free issues below, your computer has Adobe. 

- just click on the "Get a Subscription" Button at the top of the page, go to Don's Shop or send us an email if an invoice is needed to The last option is to just drop us a check in the mail for the $99 (make sure to give us your company name), plus 8.25% tax if in Texas. It's really that simple, but make sure we get your email address too as email is the ONLY way we now do the newsletters.

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