Reporting PQRS is soooo much easier with a registry and Don is putting together a free mini webinar to show you how easy it is to do the PQRS.

Yes - you have to do it to avoid a 2% penalty in 2017.  If you do not report it in 2015 - you WILL see a reduction, so don't avoid it.

It's EASY and will take one person in your office less than 2 hours to do it, for the entire YEAR.  No - you do not have to report with G codes throughout the year and HOPE you make it.  That's stupid in our opinion when we can make it so much easier for you.

If your association, manager, physician, coder or anyone else has told you that PQRS is a waste of time, you need to realize that they are WRONG. Too many well-meaning people are misleading others to look at PQRS for the entirely wrong reasons.  Learning WHY carriers and Medicare want physicians to adopt the lessons of PQRS can help almost every primary care office increase their annual net income by at least $180,000 and most will see increases far exceeding $250,000 per year - if they are smart. 

NOTE: If your PRIMARY CARE practice is NOT making as much money as you would like, call me. My guarantee with Family Practice or Internal Medicine clinics or Rural Health Clinics is that either they increase their annual NET income by at least $50,000.00 or they don't pay us a penny for our consulting. By the way - if $50K is our guarantee - imagine what we can really do. Don Self

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Now - if you're only wanting to learn how to get AVOID the 2%  PENALTY IN 2017 - then you can get some information here - and I'll help you do that - but seriously - concentrating on the 2% penalty instead of the real benefit of PQRS is similar to buying a High Definition Plasma television and only watching black and white westerns from the 1940s on it. Yes - it gives you a better picture - but you're missing out on so much benefit that it's sad. The real benefit from PQRS is better patient medical outcomes and a huge increase in income in the typical family, internal or geriatric practice. If you want more information on this, check out the webinars on our Web Store as we have helped dozens of primary care practices increase their income much more than $15,000 per month by teaching them the true benefit of PQRS. 

​If you are in primary care, REALLY make it easier on yourself and your staff. Physicians - you don't have to do ANYTHING on this.  Let your staff pull 20 compliant Medicare patients with diabetes and have them log on at the link below - register you and then they will answer SIX (6) questions on each diabetic patient and move on to the next. It may take them 2 hours at the most between now and January 14, 2016 to qualify you for the PQRs bonus money. 

Don has arranged for a special pricing with PQRSPRO: If you have attended any of our seminars on Reporting PQRS, you know how foolish it is to wait until you have EMR before reporting or how inaccurate it is to use claims reporting. 

​The smart thing to do, per Don, is to report with a Registry.  Go to WWW.PQRSPRO.COM  today and pre-register each of your providers. You'll find that you'll spend less than 2 hours a year reporting PQRS this way.
Be sure to use the DONSELF2015 as the coupon to get a discount. 

Check out Don's PQRS On Demand Webinar by clicking HERE!