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Since the advent of the shift to Evidenced Based Medicine, we have been watching the Medicare and commercial insurance payment patterns for the past 11 years.   When the carriers increase payments dramatically for a diagnostic procedure, it tells us that they see high value in that procedure or diagnostic test.  In 2015, the typical Medicare allowed amount is $201.15 for this 3 minute test.  Some localities have the Medicare allowed as high as $273.79 (San Francisco). 

Sudoscan is a new method for sudomotor function assessment which measures sweat composition to  detect deviations in the ionic balance of the sweat.Sudoscan is used by medical practitioners to analyze sweat gland dysfunction associated with small nerve fiber neuropathy and is non invasive and painless.The test takes 3 minutes from start to finish.

Degeneration of small nerve fibers reduces innervation of eccrine sweat glandsRevere iontophoresis removes ions from the sweat ducts pass the stratum corneum and at low voltage (<4V) enables the chloride of the sweat to be attracted and thus produces a current (not felt by the patient)An electrochemical reaction with the electrodes is detected and resultant conductances which are related to pH and chloride concentrations on the two hands and feet electrodes and recorded and analyzed.  Quantitative results are shown in an easy to interpret test report.

Specialties: Family, Internal, Geriatric, Pain Management, Neurology
Cost of Equipment:           $35,000.00
Avg Lease Payment         $728.74
Avg Medicare Allow         $207.15
Avg Tests P/Day               4
Time spent by staff          5 minutes each patient
Consumable Cost             $20.10 
Break Even Cost             3.5 Tests Per Month
Avg Gross Month Income   $18,643.50
Avg Net Month Income       $16,104.45
Avg Year Net Income       $193,253.40

Avg 5 year Net                 $966,267.00
Annual ROI                     552%
Months to Full Payback     0.18
(About 2 months to fully recover investment)

‚ÄčI sell alot of Sudoscans as it not only helps the physicians detect small nerve fiber problems, thereby showing an imbalance in the sympathetics and autonomic nervous system - but it increases the average FP's net (after all expenses) by $193,000 per year.   At a time when doctors are worrying about Medicare making 2% reductions, it makes sense to look at evidenced based medicine services that increase their income substantially.