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FREE EMAIL FORUM Don has a FREE email listserv (forum) called MED-MGRS for medical practitioners, managers, billers, coders, reimbursement personnel. It generates several emails a day and is a great way to not only network, but also to have your questions answered for free. Check out MED-MGRS


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You've been to MACRA and MIPS seminars or webinars and left almost as confused as you were before you attended the class.    I taught  a new HOW TO ACHIEVE THE BEST SCORE ON MIPS live webinar on the 19th of January and it is on my shopping page.    It was a step-by-step on how to do it and what needs to be done.   Let me also assure you that getting a maximum score on MIPS will not be as difficult as some make it sound.    Heck - just keeping from the 4% reduction is going to be EASY (super easy!) enough  EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE EMR - but why not go for the maximum increase in income in 2019 by doing what it takes this year to max out?  WATCH THE FREE MINI-WEBINAR on our Webinars page (click on the Webinars link at the top)

I also added the 2017 Medicare Fee Schedule available in Excel files this month.   Keep in mind that we've gone from 90 payment localities in the country to 112 for 2017.   Yep - California went from 10 to 30 so that if you're in Los Angeles, you may be in one or the other locality due to which county.  The same thing for San Francisco - so the locality number you've been in for years may have changed.   

 Would YOU like to see comments from others in your town about my seminars or my monthly newsletter or about consultations I've done for them?   Check out the REFERENCES link at the top and see more than 1900, sorted by city, state and showing names you can verify with.


Comments from the MIPS WEBINAR:

"This is one of the best webinars I have ever attended."
"It really made MIPS more understandable."
"It was a great webinar. Thanks for offering and providing clarity to this extent."
 "Love the step-by-step approach"
"Thank you, great job!"
"Great! Very informational."
"Wonderful question-answer session at the end!"
"Excellent presentation. It's so less scary when Don explains it."
"Informative, took the mystery out of MIPS

"The webinar made more sense to me than the ones given by our EMR."
"Best Webinar I have attended in awhile"
"Amazing webinar. Don Self certainly has a way of taking a complex subject; dissecting it and "spoon feeding" it back to the audience."
"Awesome fantastico stupendous"
"This was very informative and easy to understand. Thank you!!"
"You can make anything 1,2,3 !! Exactly what I was hoping to see."
"I thought it was easy to understand, definitely helped to lessen my confusion on the subject. "Doesn't seem like it will be such a daunting task.".

If you want us to speak for your group or IPA - let us know.    Call us today at 903 871-1172 or email us at DONSELF@DONSELF.COM and we'll try to work it into our schedule for you.

We're also super busy signing up clients to perform CCM since the money is so darn good without the clinics having to hire nurses as our management compenies do all the work.

CHRONIC CARE MANAGEMENT can increase the monthly NET profit of most solo primary care practices easily by $4,000 to $16,000 per month without:

1.   The doctor doing anything

2.   The staff doing anything

If your practice has 500 active Medicare patients, you're looking at $4,000 per month.    If you have 900, you're looking at $7500 per month or $90,000 per year by doing what Medicare wants you to do.

Yes - this is possible since CMS gave permission for physicians to have an outside service provideR.  In fact, here is what CMS has on their website "A billing physician (or other appropriate practitioner) may arrange to have CCM services provided by clinical staff external to the practice (for example, in a case management company) if all of the “incident to” and other rules for billing CCM to the PFS are met. "    Note that in the same article, Medicare explains that the incident-to rules for CCM services are "general supervision".

Don Self & Associates has teamed up with a company that provides this currently for more than 100,000 Medicare patient lives in the country.   Schedule a 15 minute phone call with Don to discuss this option.    Again - the physician has to do nothing and the office staff also has to do nothing to see this improvement in patient care and the profitability is fantastic.   Call 903 871-1172 now to schedule a time to talk to Don!