SATURDAY,  DEC 16, 2017

Note:    Effective today, we have reduced the annual price of our Platinum Coding Advisor from $299 a year to $150 a year.  Check it out and watch the 12 minute free video on it.  If you like what you see - schedule a free 10 minute live demo with us and let us show it to you live before you get a one week full use free trial.  If you like it at the end of the trial, you can then put in a credit card and subscribe - at about 1/2 to 1/4 the cost of similar programs.   The difference is that with ours - you not only get the coding advice, but you also get MY reimbursement advice!    Check it out on our CODING ADVISOR page on the menu on the left.



So, what is this analysis?   I'll spend 60 to 75 minutes on the phone/computer with a doctor, their manager and billing person and show them Medicare's historical billing data on their practice.   We'll discuss what codes they flagged audits on, which ones they are under-coding on, which ones they should be billing but aren't and more.   With primary care practices, this almost always (9 out of 10 times) results in the practice increasing their annual income by more than $60,000 per  year.  One this past week was closer to $690,000. 

At the end of the call, I'll ask the doctor "Do you believe this hour we just spent has helped you increase your income by at least $20K a year?"  If they say yes - they can send me a check for $500 for that consult.  If they say "no", they don't owe me a penny.    It's really that simple.    Send an email to right now and tell me you're interested and I'll explain it in better detail and even share some historical billing data on your doctor that you can show to your doctor to get them interested.  


We now have 13 FREE MINI WEBINARS on our Webinars page.  These are 9-12 minute webinars to help you on a variety of subjects.  Please let us know if there are other subjects you want us to add.

In June, I created a free 11 minute mini webinar on AWV (annual wellness visits) and that is on the Webinars page.  Keep in mind that it's not just Medicare paying for those - as some other major carriers do as well!

In June, I did a live webinar on USING PRACTICE ANALYTICS TO HELP YOU INCREASE INCOME AND AVOID AUDITS and the response from the attendees has been overwhelming.  We recorded it and you can buy it and download it and let your staff watch it today if you wish, on my WEBINARS page at

Right now, I'm creating a new webinar about how to interpret the Autonomic Nervous System testing results and how monitoring the sympathetics and parasympathics can help a provider address the cause of problems, rather than treating the symptoms.   Every medical provider (physician, PA or NP) learns about the ANS in school - but most do not tend to use it in the diagnostic arena as often as the patient would benefit from it.  I've been involved in teaching in the ANS area since about 1999 and I've had many physicians thank me for it.  I've had physicians tell me "you helped me save a life today" or "you've helped me give quality of life back to a patient" as a result of them doing more in the ANS area.  That thrills me more than you could possibly know.  I'll let you know when this new mini webinar and full webinar are finished.

Even with having an M.I. in June, I've still been busy selling LD Tech devices (I think we sold 5 in July and 3 in August) and clients love it.  Yes - it does pay them a little more than $300 for the 11 minute test - but they love it because of how it's helping with their diabetic patients, hypertensive patients, orthostatic hypotension patients, etc.   Let me know if you want to talk to me about it, as 2 ½ tests a month usually covers the costs and the rest is profit.

 I sold my plane back in 2009 and pretty much gave up my Platinum status with all of the airlines in 2012 (last time I was on a plane was in 2012) as we prefer to sightsee along the routes on our trips and not be in a hurry.  I'd love to come speak at your local convention - so call me.

  Call 903 871-1172 now to schedule a time to talk to Don!


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