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AUGUST 28, 2015   

We have less than 33 days until ICD-10 will be required to be on the claims (only for dates of services on or after October 1st).   This means that if you file a claim on October 2nd for a September 30th date of service, that claim will still have ICD-9.   It also means that if you have a claim that spans from September into October (such as hospital visits), you will need to split the claims into two separate claims, per month.

There are still 3 bills in SubCommittee in Congress (as of today).  It's possible that one of the 3 could come out of SubCommittee and hit the House floor for a vote in September - but more than likely, it will not be one that will delay or stop ICD-10.    It may be the one that gives a one year period where doctors could use ICD9 or ICD10 - and I truly believe that would be a mistake as the number of errors that would be made in processing would be tremendous.  I also suspect that Obama would veto that one, based on what has come out of the White House this year.

So - this means it is time to get ready for ICD-10 as it's almost upon us.


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