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JULY 9, 2015   

This week, we added a webinar prepared for NeuroMed on How to bill for the Matrix to our FREE WEBINARS page.   That makes 8 so far and we plan on adding mmore on TeleMedicine, PQRS 2015, ICD-10, Line Item Billing,, Scrubbing Claims and more.

This week, we are also looking at our live seminar schedule for the next year.    Besides teaching at state Osteopathic and Medical conventions and Office Manager groups, we also schedule full day seminars for local AAPC,, NHCLA, POMAA or AHIMA chapters.   The nice thing for the local chapter is that we pick up all expenses, so instead of  them paying us,, WE PAY THE LOCAL CHAPTER after all is done.    If you are on the board of a local chapter of AAPC, PAHCOM, AHIMA or even a medical group - give us a call and you'll be surprised at how much we end up paying the local chapter when we do the full 7 or 8 hour seminars - which include CEUs!


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