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May 18, 2015   

It seems like more and more often, we hear about this practice selling out to a hospital or that practice closing because the physician chose to retire earlier than expected.   The reductions in payments by Obamacare plans, additional NCDs in place by Medicare and increases in deductibles are hitting physicians and clinics harder than expected.  For this reason, we at Don Self & Associates have decided to cease charging for the hour long telephone consultations with physicians and their managers.   If you wish us to spend up to an hour with you and your physician on the phone, which almost always identifies some services you are not billing or areas where you’re unnecessarily flagging audits - please contact our office immediately and schedule it.   As our way of helping the physician and clinic community - there will not be a charge for it.


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FREE EMAIL FORUM Don has a FREE email listserv (forum) called MED-MGRS for medical practitioners, managers, billers, coders, reimbursement personnel. It generates several emails a day and is a great way to not only network, but also to have your questions answered for free. Check out MED-MGRS


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