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OCTOBER 2, 2015   

IT'S HERE!   YOU SURVIVED!   The earth did not open up and swallow everyone!    After all of the hoopla, ICD-10 must now be used on any claims by HIPAA covered providers for dates of service October 1, 2015 and later.     If you have not updated your superbill or if you have somehow "missed the memo" about ICD-10, click on the link on the left side that says Coding Advisor and click on free trial and use that to convert all of your ICD9 codes you use most often to ICD-10.  

It's really really easy.   If you want a free one-on-one demo with the Coding Advisor - let me know.   We are here to help you - so don't be afraid to ask.

Now - if you have already done what you needed and you're using ICD-10, then consider scheduling a call with me.    I'll spend up to an hour with you and your doctor (the doctor must be on the call, as I will ask them some medical questions) and I'll ask you policy/billing questions.  If at the end of the hour, you find that I helped you increase your income by at least $2K per month - you'll write a check to me for $500.    It's really that simple.  If you do not believe I helped you to the tune of $2k per month - you don't owe me a penny.   Yep - I've had the guarantee of satisfaction for 29 years and I plan on continuing that same one.       Give me a call at 903 871-1172 or email to if you want to schedule it.



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FREE EMAIL FORUM Don has a FREE email listserv (forum) called MED-MGRS for medical practitioners, managers, billers, coders, reimbursement personnel. It generates several emails a day and is a great way to not only network, but also to have your questions answered for free. Check out MED-MGRS


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