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Happy New Year!

BE SURE to check out the SHOP.DONSELF page shown at the top as we’ve added quite a few webinars (LIVE and ON-DEMAND) on subjects like the OIG’s mandate that you check both national databases and every state database to make sure not one employee of yours (or your billing service) is on the OIG exclusion list (or the state requirements that make sure that they have never been on an exclusion list), how to report for PQRS for 2014 (and your deadline to do so isn’t until January 30th - so don’t panic) and a webinar on CCM and TCM services and more.

Med-Managers List Serve

FREE EMAIL FORUM Don has a FREE email listserv (forum) called MED-MGRS for medical practitioners, managers, billers, coders, reimbursement personnel. It generates several emails a day and is a great way to not only network, but also to have your questions answered for free. Check out MED-MGRS


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