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SPECIAL BULLETIN    MARCH 27, 2015   10:17am
The Senate Did Not Act!
In spite of the fact that the House overwhelmingly passed a bill (392 to 37 margin) yesterday permanently repealing the SGR reductions and sent it to the Senate to push through, the Senate failed to take up the bill for voting before leaving this morning for their spring break.
It is so rare that any bill will pass with a margin as this permanent SGR fix had that folks pretty well expected the Senate to push it through - but they did not.    Anticipating that the Senate would not act, the CMS released a statement saying they will not process claims for dates of service after April 1st with a reduction in the SGR calculation (conversion factor), but will hold the claim until Congress reconvenes on April 13 to see if the immediately pass a fix.
This is good news for the people posting payments so that they will not have to do as we have done a few times since 2002 and that is to post a lower allowed and then later after it was fixed, come back and make negative adjustments and additional payments.  That’s a pain.
The bad news is that this will mean the claims for dates of service April 1st and later will be held.   I do not know how long, yet.
Your claims for dates of service through the end of March will be processed normally as they get to Medicare.
Naturally - if we hear anything new - we’ll let you know.

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